Vite + React Starter Template

Vite + React + TypeScript + Tailwind CSS starter template.

Vite + React Starter Template


Introducing a simple Vite with React + Typescript and Tailwind CSS starter template. This custom-made template has been carefully designed to simplify complex configurations and time-consuming setups, allowing developers (me; especially) to focus on my work effortlessly.
If you find this amazing creation valuable, you're invited to use it for your own projects. I warmly welcome any helpful feedback or suggestions you may have. You can easily make your own version by copying or downloading this code repository and contribute your own fantastic ideas by submitting a Pull Request.


This repository is packed with:
  • ⚡️ Vite 4.3
  • ⚛️ React 18
  • 🔰 TypeScript
  • 💠 Tailwind CSS 3
  • 🛢 Jest — Configured for unit testing
  • 🧿 Absolute Import and Path Alias — Import components using
  • 📏 ESLint — Find and fix problems in the code, also will auto sort the imports
  • ✨ Prettier — Format your code consistently
  • 🐶 Husky & Lint Staged — Run scripts on your staged files before committed
  • 📌 Conventional Commit Lint — Make sure to follow conventional commit
  • ♻️ Snippets — A collection of most useful snippets
  • 🌚 Dark Mode & Light Mode - Switch theme just one click

Getting Started

1. Clone this template using one of the three ways:

  1. Use this repository as template
  2. Using
  3. Deploy to Vercel or etc
    Deploy with Vercel

2. Install dependencies

It is encouraged to use pnpm so the husky hooks can work properly.

3. Run the development server

You can start the server using this command:
Open http://localhost:5173 with your browser to see the result. You can start editing the page by modifying

4. Change defaults

There are some things you need to change including title, urls, favicons, etc. Don't forget to change the package name in package.json

5. Commit Message Convention

This starter is using conventional commits, it is mandatory to use it to commit changes.


Licensed under the MIT license.