a short story of me.

My name is Ryan Aulia (he/him), I'm 27 years old and I was born and raised in Banda Aceh. Currently live in Jakarta and work remotely as a Lead Frontend Engineer at Sirka.io.

at Sirka.io, my responsibilities includes leading the web platform engineering team to deliver best experience (both in performance and design) in web platform (both desktop and mobile). And also leading web platform team which helps enabling better developer experience for frontend engineers, focusing more on delivering better web performance, exploring new web features, and measuring team performance according to company OKR.

In addition, I also manage various projects and products that I co-develop with my colleagues under our company, PT Flexcode Space Teknologi. As the Founder of FlexCode, I am responsible for all activities of the company working properly.

When it comes to offline activities, I spend time playing and doing many things with my little family. Besides that, I also like to read books and do a lot of new experiments, especially in web technology.