Ryan Aulia

Sentence Smash

# Problem Solving
Write a function that takes an array of words and smashes them together into a sentence and returns the sentence. You can ignore any need to sanitize words or add punctuation, but you should add spaces between each word. Be careful, there shouldn't be a space at the beginning or the end of the sentence!

Example :

Let me explain how the code works:
  1. We define a function called smash that takes an array of words as its parameter.
  2. Inside the function, we use the join method on the words array. The join method concatenates all the elements of an array into a single string, with the specified separator in between. In this case, we use a space ‘ ‘ as the separator.
  3. The resulting string is stored in the variable sentence.
  4. Finally, we return the sentence from the function.
  5. Outside the function, we create an array called words with the given words.
  6. We call the smash function with the words array as an argument and store the result in the variable result.
  7. Finally, we log the result to the console, which will display the sentence.
When you run this code, the output will be:
So, the function joins all the words in the array together with spaces and returns the resulting sentence.
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